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Please Note:
We only appraise comic books, original comic book art, original illustration art, science fiction art, fantasy art, comic character collectibles, original newspaper comic strip art, animation art, movie posters,  and vintage comic character toys.  We will not appraise individual items with a retail value of under $25. We will offer an evaluation for most individual items and collections at no charge and freely offer advice when we can. Appraisal fees for large collections, estate, tax or insurance purposes are at a hourly rate.

Please read the FAQ page regarding grading and comic book values prior to submitting a list of books.

Why is it difficult to obtain a professional appraisal for a comic collection that predominately dates from the 1980’s to the present?
As a general guide, comic book “collecting” did not truly begin until the mid-sixties. It was at this time that the publishers encouraged fans through letter pages. Organized fandom followed. Prior to approximately 1965, comic books were not normally “collected”. They were roughly bundled, shipped to newsstands and usually stored in improper environments after being read.  Proper storage techniques were not introduced until the late sixties. Books published after 1975 were produced in great quantity, collected and "stored" in excellent condition, this has lead to great supply with little demand with few exceptions. Most titles from 1980 to present may not be worth the cover price.  However, a dealer of books may have to charge significantly more for an individual book than  the value of the book if bought in bulk. This is reflected in the various price guides.  This leaves the appraiser in a quandary, is the value of a large collection the sum of each individual book, as if purchased retail or does it reflect the bulk “blockage” value that the collection would bring if offered on the market?


Please Note:
Unless a formal appraisal is requested and contracted for, we provide
a Professional Opinion of Value (POV), not a formal appraisal.  As such the work product of the appraiser is not an appraisal but something distinct and less than a formal appraisal due to the extraordinary limiting conditions under which such professional services are here offered. The client should be informed further that the POV is a work product that is not necessarily based on first-hand inspection, that it is not fully researched, that it is not intended for anything other than informational use, and specifically not intended for important tax or financial purposes. It is only an opinion professionally rendered, but not duly and fully researched.  As opposed to a formal appraisal, it does not take into account specific market issues, trends, or any other important criteria that may affect value.